Spotlight on Skin was created by Melbourne-based dermatologist, Dr Julia Rhodes.

Julia knows first-hand how overwhelming the skincare world can be, and that’s with over 10 years of experience practicing dermatology. Given that even she gets overwhelmed, she appreciates how hard it can be for those of you without a scientific background to make sense of all the information available, and choose products that are right for your skin.


In her clinical practice, Julia fields questions daily from patients who are confused by skincare, and are unsure what to use on their skin. In addition, she frequently treats patients with skin conditions that have been caused or exacerbated by using products that are incorrect for their skin. It saddens her to see patients spending thousands of dollars on products and treatments that aren’t helping or even worse, may be aggravating their skin.

That’s why Julia created Spotlight on Skin. She recognised a gap in the information available. It’s true that there are lots of sponsored posts promoting various products and ingredients, but few provide independent, factual information purely designed to help you, the consumer, make informed skincare decisions. It is her aim to improve the skin health of her patients and readers like you through education.

Unlike other skincare resources out there, Spotlight on Skin is not supported by advertising sponsors. Many other skincare websites sell products, and much of the information provided is opinion-based or promoting a particular product. All of the information found on Spotlight on Skin is evidence-based, regularly updated, and written by a skincare professional with a wealth of experience.

Spotlight on Skin is here to help you have the best skin possible.



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