Vitamin E

What does it do?
It’s an antioxidant, and helps protect against environmental damage
May reduce inflammation in the skin

Why should I use it?
To prevent UV damage

How do I use it?
Apply in the morning, followed by sunscreen

What to look for in a product?
A combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C

Evidence rating

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which helps protect against sun damage and may reduce inflammation. It’s best applied in the morning, to help protect your skin from environmental damage such as ultraviolet light. It’s well tolerated by most skin types. Vitamin C regenerates oxidised Vitamin E, so the two work best in combination. For decades, Vitamin E has been reported to help hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles, but there isn’t much evidence supporting these claims.

Evidence base: Strong

How to use: in the morning, before sun exposure.


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