Sample skincare routines

Contrary to popular belief, skincare doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Here are some example skincare routines for common skin types and concerns. Whenever trying new products, it’s always best to introduce one new product at a time, and apply it to a test area of skin first to ensure you don’t develop any irritation or other reactions.

Sample skincare routines

Normal Skin


Normal Skin

(More Complicated)

Acne Prone Skin
and oily skin

Dry sensitive skin

Pigmentation-prone skin

Rosacea-prone skin

Aging Skin




Spotlight on Skin was created by award-winning Melbourne-based dermatologist, Dr Julia Rhodes.

Julia knows first-hand how overwhelming the skincare world can be, and that’s with over 10 years of experience practicing dermatology. Given that even she gets overwhelmed, she appreciates how hard it can be for those of you without a scientific background to make sense of all the information available, and choose products that are right for your skin…